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Are You      perienced?

Short course mountain bike racing with a twist!

UrbanCross Bike Racing offers something for everyone, whether you're into MTB Cross Country, CycloCross, Bicycle Road Racing, Off-road Scooters and Skateboards, Striders,

or something else entirely unique to you.

If you can ride it you can race it!

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“If you want to get fast, you have to go

where the fast guys are.” – Steve Larsen

The Course

The Course

UrbanCross (UX) Bike Racing courses challenge beginners and pros alike by

incorporating the natural terrain of cityscapes, off-road courses, and more.

Skill combines with strategy as riders encounter jumps, hairpin-, flat-, and banking-turns,

up and downhills, stairs, and other exhilarating obstacles while racing closely with each other.

“The race is won by the rider who can suffer the most.”

– Eddy Merckx

The Equipment

The Equipment

Whether you're a kiddo just stepping onto your first strider bike, or a trail-hardened cross-country rider, UrbanCross (UX) Bike Racing offers something for everyone. Racers compete with downhill and cross country mountain bikes, CycloCross cycles, road racers, strider bikes, and more.


If you can ride it, you can race it!

“It never gets easier; you just get faster.”

– Greg LeMond

The Competition

The Competition

Racers will compete in two "Motos" per class, with up to 20 riders per class,

with the Olympic Scoring system's lowest two-moto total determining results.

The lowest 2nd Moto finish breaks any ties. 


Races are organized by classification, with 5 riders required per class.

Race organizers may combine classes with fewer than 5 riders.

All bikes will race together in the rider's age/skill classification.

Class 1 electric bikes will race in their own age/skill classification.

* - Push and electric are separate races. 

Age Groups

- Beginner

- Sport

- Exp/Pro (Cash Purse)

- Class 1 Electric Bikes

- Kids' Strider*

- 6 & Under

- 7 ~ 10

- 11 ~ 14 (MS)

- 15 ~ 18 (HS)

- 19  39

- 40 ~ 60

- 61+

“The best rides are the ones where you bite off more than you can chew, and live through it.”

– Doug Bradbury

The UXperience

The        perience

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All Videos
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UrbanCross Bike Racing Tour De Cumming - Video - 15
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UrbanCross Bike Racing Tour De Cumming - Video - 13
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“As long as I breathe, I attack.”

– Bernard Hinault

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“You know the win isn't going to be handed to you...

You really have to fight for it.” – Sanne Cant

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